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Boiler servicing

I have considerable experience with Vaillant boilers, but I am very comfortable working with almost all makes and models, including trickier appliances such as the IMI Range Powermax.



All boiler services will include a full strip down of the combustion chamber, and fixing any leaks where these just require a nut to be tightened or a standard washer to be replaced.  Beyond this, a service will include actions tailored to the requirements of your boiler. 

Please note that, during servicing, some boilers require the mandatory replacement of a burner gasket or combustion chamber seal, in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.  This will be fitted as part of the service and will be charged extra on a ‘parts-only’ basis.


Servicing starts at £65 + VAT (gas boiler) or £85 + VAT (oil boiler), this includes travelling, up to one hour of labour.  Services taking longer than one hour will be charged at my standard labour rate.  The likely length of time to complete the service will be advised during the booking process, however please note that this is not fixed and may vary according to the condition of your boiler.

Replacement parts such as door seals, nozzles and hoses will be charged as extras.