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Hob, Cooker & Range Cooker servicing

All gas appliances, including gas hobs, need attention from time to time and I have the skills and experience required to service your gas cooking appliances, including AGA, Rayburn, Stanley, Esse and Redfyre range cookers amongst others.


Gas hobs

Gas hobs generally do not need regular servicing, however if you notice a deterioration your hob’s performance, such as a loss of control, reduced output, failing ignition, or yellow / uneven flames, it is time to get it serviced.  A standalone hob service is £35 + VAT, or £25 + VAT when combined with servicing another appliance in the same property.


Cookers & Range Cookers

Cookers & Range Cookers are often much more complex appliances and should be serviced at least annually.

In the case of range cookers, the service should ideally take place before they are fired up for the first time in a year in cases where they are used seasonally. 

A service will include removal and cleaning of the burner(s), cleaning of the combustion chamber, inspection of all seals, and performance testing.  Beyond this, servicing will be tailored to your individual appliance. 

A standard gas cooker service, with four hob burners and up to two oven or grill burners, is £50 + VAT.  A single-burner range cooker is £60 + VAT and a twin-burner boiler model is £75 + VAT.

Replacement parts may be charged as extras.