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Fire servicing

Gas fires, as with boilers, should be serviced at least annually to maintain safe and efficient operation, regardless of how much they are used.  Fires that are not used regularly can be just as likely to cause problems as ones that are in frequent use.  If you would like your gas fire to be serviced, please use the contact form to enquire.


Servicing will include removal and cleaning of the fuel bed, burner, and injectors, and a check on their condition.  Beyond this, it will be tailored to the requirements of your appliance.  Where appropriate, the fuel bed and surrounding ceramic walls will be re-sprayed with specialist black paint to refresh their appearance


A fire service is a fixed price of £45 + VAT.



Fires with Back Boiler Units (BBUs)

I also service fires with BBUs, such as the Baxi Bermuda.  These are serviced as individual appliances, at a fixed price of £90 + VAT.

Replacement parts may be charged as extras.