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“What is the best boiler manufacturer?” is a question I often get asked, and the answer is that it’s not quite that simple as different manufacturers make ifferent products which are suitable for different situations. In truth, there is no such thing as the “perfect boiler”, however, after much considered research and discussion with others in the industry, I have settled on two brands which I can happily recommend to my customers - Intergas, and Ravenheat.

Intergas Heating Ltd are a Dutch manufacturer of very solidly-built boilers with just four moving parts on their combi boiler, utilising a unique two-in-one heat exchanger design which hasn’t seen a single hydraulic failure in almost 25 years of operation.  It uses all-metal internals (unlike supposedly “premium” rivals who often use plastic and rubber components in their boilers, including in the gas pipes), is very versatile, and very efficient.  These are my “first choice” boiler for the majority of installations.

Ravenheat are a British manufacturer based in Leeds, selling quality boilers made from brass, copper and stainless steel at a surprisingly low price point.  They are especially suited to installations with limited space due to their compact dimensions, and very small properties, due to their excellent modulation.

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