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Appliance servicing - continued


Multiple appliance discounts  If you need more than one appliance in your property servicing on the same day, the following discounts will apply:-

Two appliances - £10 Discount

Three appliances - £15 Discount

Four appliances - £20 Discount



A note on Carbon Monoxide 

In general, it is recommended that a Carbon Monoxide Detector is fitted in any room containing an open-flued appliance, including some types of boiler and most types of fire, as well as all types of flueless heating appliance.  The flames on these appliances, and the air intake for the flue, are open to the room and an unexpected flue or ventilation blockage can quickly lead to a dangerous situation in which carbon monoxide could be leaked into the room. 

I can supply and fit a high-quality CO detector that carries a 10-year manufacturers’ warranty from £20 + VAT – that’s just £2 a year for ultimate peace of mind.



A note on properties using LPG bottles 

It is a requirement of the gas regulations that pigtail hoses on LPG bottles are replaced every five years, and regulators every ten years.  If you have a caravan connected with flexible hose, this must be replaced every two years. 

If your hoses and / or regulator are found to be out of date, they will be automatically replaced as part of the service, and charged extra.  If just the hoses require replacement, this will be done on a parts-only basis.  If the regulator also requires replacement, labour will also be charged. 

LPG bottles must also be on a suitable base, and chained to a wall to prevent them toppling over or being moved accidentally.  If no chains are fitted, these will be added to the installation and charged extra for parts and labour.