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Smart Heating Controls

I have an excellent working knowledge of all central heating wiring and controls installation, and an understanding which exceeds that of many electricians, as well as other heating engineers.  I am confident and capable working on the full range of traditional 230v AC controls, low voltage and volt-free communication, OpenTherm thermostats, and Bus controls.  

As I am VAT Registered, I am able to offer a discount on supply-and-fit controls upgrade packages via the Energy Saving Products reduced VAT scheme, which allows me to charge a reduced rate of 5% VAT when upgrading your central heating controls.  This allows me to guarantee that it will always be cheaper to buy the control off me than it will to buy it online!

I can supply & fit the full range of energy-saving smart controls and connected thermostats, from single-zone and dual-zone thermostats on combi boilers and traditional systems, through to fully automated and zoned control systems such as Honeywell EvoHome and Genius Home.  For underfloor heating systems, I can offer an upgrade service from the now-defunct NuHeat / Heatmiser touch screen system, to the new Heatmiser NeoStats with full Internet control and Apple HomeKit compatibility.  

Many systems can also be set up for voice control via Alexa on Amazon Echo, or Google Home.  All installations include full setup and demonstration of your new energy-saving smart thermostat.

I am a five-star rated Nest Pro, and a member of the Honeywell Installer Network.  I am working towards gaining the status of Honeywell Connected Specialist.

Single-zone and dual-zone thermostats

I can fit any control of your choosing, but my recommended thermostats for single-zone, dual-zone, and single-zone with a hot water cylinder, applications are Honeywell T6 Lyric, and the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Single-zone installations where hot water control is not required

Both Honeywell T6 and the Nest Learning Thermostat are suitable for this application, which is typically a combi boiler installation, although they can also be used in systems where the user does not require hot water control.  The most cost-effective solution is the Honeywell T6, a thermostat which is arguably also superior from a functional point of view, especially when connected to OpenTherm-compatible boilers.  Honeywell T6 is available in a wall-mounted wired version, suitable for replacing existing thermostats in the same location, and a T6R version with an integrated stand which is suitable for installations where there either isn’t currently a thermostat, or where the existing thermostat requires relocation.

Both T6 and T6R are capable of Geolocation-based heating control to maximise efficiency, where the thermostat will automatically reduce your heating temperature when you go out, and turn it up just before you return home.  T6 and T6R are fully compatible with Alexa on Amazon Echo, and Apple HomeKit.

I offer fixed-price supply and fit packages on these thermostats as follows

Fixed-price supply & fit                                                   Fixed-price supply & fit
            £185.00 inc 5% VAT                                                       £195.00 inc 5% VAT
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Single-zone installation of 3rd-Generation Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is designed for, and more suited to, systems with a single heating zone and a hot water cylinder, but it can also be fitted to combi boilers.  It can be supplied and fitted either as a wall-mounted installation to replace an existing thermostat in the same location, or with a stand where there is no thermostat or the existing location is unsuitable.

Combi-boiler fixed-price supply & fit
£250.00 inc VAT wall-mounted
£278.00 inc VAT with a table stand

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Nest single zone thermostat

Single-zone systems with hot water control

Both Honeywell T6R-HW and the Nest Learning Thermostat are capable of providing control of hot water systems in addition to a single heating zone.  This is usually a separate hot water cylinder, but it can also be a storage combi boiler, or in the case of the T6R-HW when operating via OpenTherm, intelligent hot water pre-heat of a compatible combi boiler.  T6R-HW is currently only available as a plug-in stand-mounted version, whereas Nest can be fitted in either a wall-mounted or stand-mounted configuration

As with the single-zone without hot water installations, I offer a fixed-price installation service for these thermostats.  Please note, however, that for installations with a hot water cylinder, the fixed-price cost assumes you have either a 3-port valve or a pair of 2-port valves installed on your system, and in working order, and that your boiler heats the hot water cylinder.  If your hot water cylinder is electrically heated via an immersion heater, control of the immersion heater can be achieved but will be at additional cost on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact me for more information on this option.


Fixed-price supply & fit with hot water control               Fixed-price supply & fit with hot water control
                          £250.00 inc VAT                                                £265.00 inc VAT wall-mounted
                                                                                                £293.00 inc VAT with table stand
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Honeywell Single plus Hot Water Nest Single plus Hot Water

Heating systems with two or more zones

Both Honeywell T6R-HW and the Nest Learning Thermostat can provide multi-zone solutions for your heating system, but there are important differences between the two.  Honeywell T6R-HW is more cost-effective than Nest as a two-zone solution, and is the only system I’m aware of on the market which is capable of two-zone central heating control via the highest-efficiency OpenTherm protocol.  T6R-HW two-zone is available as a plug-in stand-mounted version only.  A standard two-zone T6R-HW solution would not also provide hot water control, although this can be added as a cost option, with heating zone two either being a stand-mounted or wall-mounted thermostat.  Two or more zones of heating with hot water control must be switched via either 230v or volt-free connections – OpenTherm is not possible with three or more channels.

Nest Learning Thermostat is a significantly more expensive option as a two-zone solution, but it does permit hot water control as standard.  Either wall-mounted (where replacing an existing wired thermostat in the same location) or stand-mounted options are available.  It cannot, however, provide OpenTherm control with two zones.  Once again, I can offer fixed-price solutions for two zones with or without hot water control as follows, assuming the necessary zone valves are already installed on your system:-

T6R-HW two-zone heating without hot water control
Fixed Price £375.00 inc VAT
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T6R-HW two-zone heating with hot water control
Fixed Price £450.00 inc VAT
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Two Nest Learning Thermostats with or without hot water control
Fixed Price wall-mounted £500.00 inc VAT
Fixed Price with table stands £555 inc VAT
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If you have more than two zones of heating which you would like to control, please contact me for a free personalised estimate based on your individual requirements.