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Unvented cylinder servicing

Many people do not realise that an unvented cylinder (sometimes generically referred to as a Megaflo or Megaflow) requires annual servicing to both ensure its continued safety, and also to maintain the 25 year warranty that is issued with many such appliances.  Such servicing must be carried out by a properly trained and G3-Registered Engineer.  I hold such training and qualifications.

Servicing will follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but as a guide it usually involves testing the safety valves to ensure correct operation and that the discharge pipework is functioning as required, recharging the expansion volume, and ensuring that the safety controls are properly functioning.

Unvented cylinder servicing is £30.00+vat when carried out at the same time as a boiler service, or £65.00+vat as a standalone item.

Any spares required, such as replacement valves or expansion vessels, are classed as repairs and are chargeable extras.

If you would like to book your unvented cylinder in for a service, please contact me with your requirements.  A photograph of the cylinder and an approximate last servicing date is always helpful.